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How Disruption Is Moving This Traditional Industry Forward

January 7, 2022 | Mark Foster

In a recent MD+DI Qmed article, Mark Foster, General Manager of Oliver Design, shares how from his experience the pharmaceutical industry leans on traditional medicine and delivery systems, while also innovating. Customers often debate, the tried and true delivery methods which get them to market quickly, versus taking the time to innovate and possibly differentiate their product in a crowded market.

Over the past 70 years, the “shot” has stayed fairly unchanged, and it is considered the fastest way for medicines to reach the market. However, while this is how a drug will typically enter the market, it doesn’t necessarily remain this way. The industry continues to see growth in other delivery methods, such as the prefilled syringe, auto-injector, and more recently, intranasal delivery. 

Read the full article here, on MD+DI Qmed.

Mark Foster
General Manager
Oliver Design

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